Ventz (set of 2) - As seen in MCN

  • $ 2850

At Sound RIDER! we've always been advocates of "All the Gear - All the Time." But heat can be an issue. That's why we sell so many evaporative cooling vests every summer. Whether you wear a cooling vest or not, it takes air circulating inside your jacket to move the heat on your body along and out. Ventz do just that by slipping into the top end of your jacket sleeve and allowing air in for a cooler ride no matter what. Passenger riders are often blocked by any possible air, so a set of Ventz for them is a welcome addition as well.

COOLER - Forces cooling air around the upper part of the body.

SMARTER - Expels hot, trapped air, keeping you more comfortable and focused on your riding.

SAFER - Maintains the protective integrity of your riding gear at all times.

TESTED - With an interior temperature of 100+ degrees (your body temp plus heat buildup on a warm day), Ventz can lower the air temp in your jacket up to 25%.

The perfect combination? A Techniche Evaporative Cooling vest and set of Ventz for every rider in your group.

Available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow. Once size fits all. As seen in the February 2014 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News.

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