Packing Light, Packing Right

Packing Light, Packing Right

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Whether you’re getting ready for a day ride or a week long touring extravaganza, packing for your next motorcycle trip is an art. 

What to bring and what to leave home? Having trouble getting your luggage to close?  Should you carry a tire pump and first aid kit, or three pairs of denim blue jeans instead?

Packing Light Packing Right! answers these questions and many more as we delve into what makes sense for the ride, saving you hours of decision making and helping you to be better prepared for the trip ahead.  This book will also save you money by steering you clear of items that are needless on the road, allowing you more time and money to ride!

Author Tom Mehren clocks more than 20,000 miles a year on a motorcycle.  As the publisher of Sound RIDER!, the Northwest’s largest motorcycling magazine, Mehren has made a science out of creating packing lists that work, ferreting out needless items and carrying those that make sense.  Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to motorcycle riding; cruiser, sport tourer or adventure rider, Packing Light Packing Right! will help you put it all together and provide a better understanding of preparing for your next ride.
Paperback, 96 pages

“I don’t know anyone who is more serious about motorcycling gear than Tom Mehren.” David L. Hough - Motorcyclist, Journalist, Author, Traveler

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