Adventure Motorcyclist: Frazier Shrugged

Adventure Motorcyclist: Frazier Shrugged

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After six global circumnavigations by motorcycle and being described as “America’s No. 1 extreme motorcycle adventurer,” Dr. Gregory W. Frazier has again shaken, or at the very least wobbled, the motorcycling community with this entertaining, knowledgeable, humorous—some may call it existential—view of the adventure motorcycling world.

Hundreds of Frazier’s personal and occasionally secret tips and tricks to successful adventure motorcycling are presented in Adventure Motorcyclist: Frazier Shrugged. Whether you are a newbie or old hand in this class of motorcycle adventure seekers, you’ll find plenty of thoughtful takeaways along with a healthy dose of lampooning in this read.

On the topic of his latest book, Frazier says, “I don’t anoint myself as the best, but after a million motorcycling miles I’ve been successful enough to still keep learning and laughing at my mistakes as well as those of others.”

6"x9" paperback, 358 pages, infinite laughs

“As an author myself, I appreciate writing that cuts straight through the marketing hype and provides highly valuable common sense travel tactics. Frazier has written a gem for the traveling motorcyclist.” David L. Hough – Retired Moto-Journalist

 "If you are an advanced motorcycle adventurist and traveler or a newbie and dream about hopping on the back of a motorcycle and taking a short or really long multi-month adventure ride, you owe it to yourself to read this book." Steve Larsen – Moto-Journalist

 “For the dreamer wannabe, newbie, or advanced adventure rider, it’s an esoteric tome that some ADV riders will not have the mental bandwidth to wrap their head around, while motorheads and travelers alike will have the “Ahhhaaa” moments of recognition. Required reading for academics, historians, researchers and students of adventuring motorcycling.”- Aerostich Adventure Team 2022

 “You cannot beat what Greg is relaying in this work. Decades of observations and experiences make this compendium a valuable if not vital work for anyone contemplating a major adventure ride, especially to other continents or the big one—around the world.” – Paul H Smith, Sr. Editor, ADV MOTO Magazine

 “Long being a lover of adventure travel by motorcycle, I was captivated by the numerous tips, tricks and insights provided by an experienced fellow traveler. Educational, enlightening, humorous and filled with secrets in the niche of adventure motorcycling, this book is for the big doers, thinkers and dreamers.” Rodger Black, Verified Purchaser 

 “A #1 refreshing read that is no-holds barred, exposing some of the ugly belly of the ADV beast, while describing what true adventure motorcycling can be, a “must read” if you’re tired of the bullshit and drivel that emanates from the ADV pop culture or is purchased from a touring company catalog. Frazier shares ADV tips and tricks, tells the real deal. Are you an Adventure Motorcyclist? Buy the book and see.” – Craig Coleman – Verified Purchaser

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