Cycle Pump by BestRest Products (As seen in MCN & BMW ON)

  • $ 12500

At last there's an EASY way to fill a flat tire or adjust your tire pressure on the road, without resorting to inefficient CO2 cartridges, a frustratingly slow hand pump, or a cheap imported inflator with dubious reliability.

The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a metal compressor assembly that's specially hardened for motorcycle applications. The case is made from sturdy aluminum, not fragile plastic that will break when you drop it on a rock on some lonely road.  Made in America, it's far more durable and reliable than the overseas competition, something you'll want when you're on the road.  Weighs only about two pounds.  Works great when used together with the EZ Air Tire Gauge.

The pump comes with a universal plug that fits BMW and automotive cigarette lighter plugs, as well as SAE plugs like you find on battery charger and electric vest pigtails, a set of fused battery alligator clips, and hose and feet to get it above ground when working.

The EXPEDITION has several improvements over the "old" Adventure model:

     - Rubber armored end caps protect the case
     - Improved air filtering prevents ingestion crud
     - Generation 3 air chucks
     - Internal refinements, improved performance
For those hard to reach valve stems, it's easier than ever to use either pump when you add-in an EZ Air Gauge with a 90 degree chuck or a 90 degree stem adapter.

ADD A $39 TIRE REPAIR KIT FOR JUST $20! Purchase the "Expedition Pump/EZ Air Gauge 90 and Tire Repair Kit" And get a top of the line, Sound RIDER! Tech Tire Repair Kit for just $20 more. You can't go wrong!

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