EZ Air Tire Gauge

  • $ 2500

A perfect companion to the CyclePump!  It's a great gauge by itself, but it also works as an in-line gauge!

The EZAir Tire Gauge attaches to the valve stem of your tire and gives instant, accurate readings.   If tire pressure is low, leave the EZAir connected to the tire,  attach a CyclePump to the brass valve stem fitting on the EZAir gauge, and turn on the CyclePump.  The EZAir displays real-time pressures as the tire inflates.

If you accidentally over-inflate, you can release pressure using the bleed button on top of the gauge.  This feature is especially useful for Dual Sport/GS enthusiasts, who need to "air-down" their tires when they hit unpaved roads or trails.

The air hose is 12" long, the 1-1/2" dial is rubber armored, it comes with a protective vinyl storage pouch, and it weighs only 8 ounces. It's a compact package that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. We love it!

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