Proficient Motorcycling - 2nd Edition

Proficient Motorcycling - 2nd Edition

  • $ 2495

The top selling motorcycling book of the decade, Proficient Motorcycling, returns in this heavily updated, expanded and full color version. With easy-to-understand instructions and diagrams, world renowned riding expert, David Hough, lays out a clear course for the evolving novice and seasoned riders alike who want to sharpen their handling skills for a safer more enjoyable ride.

  • How motorcycles really work
  • Riding city streets and county roads
  • Dealing with common (and uncommon) hazards
  • Avoiding manmade booby traps and canine pursuers
  • Surviving nature's challenges (wind, rain, heat, cold)
  • Safely riding in groups and carrying passengers
  • Smart clothing and gear selection

Whether you're riding a bike for the first time or you're a seasoned road warrior, this lively manual is a must have read on how to improve your skills and get safely to your destination! If you bought the first edition of Proficient Motorcycling, you'll delight in the updated and expanded content of this edition. 

288 pages in full color and includes an additional 3 free issues of Motorcycle Consumer News (144 pages) on CD-ROM.  All for the same price as the first edition.

The Sound RIDER! take: 70% of the content has changed dramatically and every photo and diagram is either new or moved into color. Simply put - this is a brand new book from Hough, rather than a basic update of the first edition.  We applaud Hough's work in creating a truly useful manual for every street rider.

What others say

"David Hough will long be revered for his decades of writing and advice, and this, his gift to all motorcyclists." - Dan Kennedy, publisher, White Horse Press

"We highly recommend this book to all of our students and riders... If you ride a motorcycle on public roads, this is a must have." Bret Tkacs, cofounder, Puget Sound Safety Motorcycle School

"Hough turns the mysteries of everyday riding into commonsense knowhow that saves lives again and again." Patrick Thomas, author, The Pragmatic Rider

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