ROK Straps Review

Posted by Derek Roberts on

Easily one of the most affordable upgrades that any Dual Sport motorcyclist can add to their setup, Rok Straps are seriously, one of the best motorcycle accessories that I have ever tested.

At first glance, no more than a couple of elastic straps with plastic buckles attached, I was blown away by how well these super expandable straps work. Simply wrap each strap end around your tail rack, feed through the pre-sewn loop, stretch over your gear, buckle and cinch. Nothing else is required. No alterations to your frame, no hardware to install and the plastic/nylon construction is virtually, scratch free.

For years, I used an array of army surplus straps and modified backpacking gear to secure backpacks, tool kits and other random items to my motorcycle. Though these functioned ok about 80% of the time, inevitably, I would lose a bag on a bumpy section of trail, or secure a load so tight that it was nearly impossible to free it from the bikes frame!

Don't get me wrong, I know that Rok Straps have been around for years, but though I had certainly heard the name, even seen them in action, I can't believe how in the dark I was as to just how essential these things are.

With Rok Straps, I toured nearly 2,000 miles, with a 30lb backpack, in varying configurations, secured tightly to my dual sport's tail rack and not once did I lose my pack or even notice a shift. Even on a rough off-road track, where I dropped the bike twice, my pack still stayed in a manageable position, securely attached to the rear tail rack.

Fully adjustable between 18" and 60" and at a cost of only about 25 bucks for a pair, it's easily one of the most functional upgrades that any ADV rider can make to their bike.

Available for $24.00 in the Sound Rider! Store

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