SR! Limited T's

Readers often look for ways to support what we do. Sometimes they register for an event of ours like Café to Café, The Road Trip Tour, The Rally in the Gorge or otherwise. Other times, they buy items in our store. Items they need, like our Tech Tire repair kits, cooling vests, lightweight camping gear or otherwise.

And that’s all part of keeping the lights on so we can bring you informative editorial about motorcycling in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, month after month.

In our never-ending quest to bring new products to market, we’ve come up with a new idea. In case you never noticed, we do from time to time have a sense of humor, so why not marry that with a series of “unique” t-shirts.

Thus, we are in the process of creating a series of unique t-shirts that are a satire on persons, places and things that never really existed and will have riders looking at your shirt in a rather cockeyed sort of way.

Each shirt ships with its own 200-500 word whimsical story telling the tale of how the shirt came to be, so you can pass it on to anybody who feels uninformed.

Shirts are done in a limited run. We will take pre-orders for 30-60 days and then manufacture them along with a slight over-run. Once the shirt is sold out it is retired, so it’s best to order it on pre-order so you don’t miss out. All shirts pre-ordered will come at a lower price, and that price will be increased when we go into production. So again, it’s best to pre-order so you don’t miss out and you get the better price.