Sound RIDER! Ultimate Motorcycle Tech Tire Repair Kit

  • $ 4950
  • Save $ -4950

It’s a Sound RIDER! EXCLUSIVE! The original since 2008

For years we’ve wanted to put together a sensible tire repair kit that does it all – tube, tubeless bias and radial repairs. Just because your bike only has one type of tire doesn’t mean you may not find yourself assisting another rider with a different configuration. Until now we’ve had to take scavenger hunts to several different stores in order to amass all the tools and supplies needed for a quick repair on any type of tire.

In 2008 we were the first to source all the pieces of the puzzle and combined them into one compact, lightweight, sane kit that covers all the bases. We even included latex gloves and towelettes to keep you tidy during and after the repair. We’ve also included an extra set of valve cores and stem caps as well as a valve core removal tool to aid in those pesky slow leaks that often occur as a result of a failed valve core. For more information read the Tech Tire Repair kit white paper.

Here’s what you get (in the order you might use them):

The Basic Kit = $49.50

  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 1 puncture marker
  • 1 insertion tool
  • 1 rasp tool
  • 1 Tech Tire Repair vulcanizing tubeless strip insertion tool
  • 1 pair of latex gloves (individually wrapped)
  • 4 Tech Tire Repair PermaCure II self-vulcanizing tubeless strips
  • 1 20 ml tube of Tech Tire Repair vulcanizing fluid
  • 1 rubber scuffer
  • 4 Tech Tire Repair Universal 3” x 3” patches
  • 1 slotted valve core tool/cap
  • 2 Tech Tire Repair valve core replacements
  • 2 Tech Tire Repair replacement valve stem caps
  • 2 towelettes

Ships in a heavy duty ziploc freezer bag

Basic Plus Pouch Kit - $62.20- SAVE 10% (Shown)

  • Basic Kit plus…
  • Medium (6.5" x 5") Sea to Summit heavy duty water-proof TPU Case (shown)

Ultra Kit - $76.26– SAVE 15%

  • Basic kit plus...
  • Large (8.5” x 6”) Sea to Summit heavy duty water-proof TPU Case
  • 1 pair CruzTOOLS tire irons (shown below)

THE SOUND RIDER! TAKE: Similarly priced kits come with small bicycle patches, non-vulcanizing sticky strings, single-use tubes of glue and sub-par tools. You're riding a motorcycle at 60 mph, not a bicycle at 15mph. That's why we use only top grade vulcanizing inserts and patches made for highway travel. Don't trust anything less. Accept no substitutes, this is the one that does it all right, every time.

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