Nikwax Visor Proof (Spray on Rain Repellent)

Nikwax Visor Proof (Spray on Rain Repellent)

  • $ 1200

For PLASTIC Visors, Face Shields, Windshields and Windscreens.  If you ride in all types of weather you know how hard it can be to see through a visor or goggles on a wet rainy day. It's even harder in the dark.  The solution is to spray Nikwax's new Visor Proof onto the exterior of your face shield, which will allow rain, sleet or snow to quickly slip off the visor, thus aiding your vision.  And unlike it's competotrs such as Rain-X, Nikwax' Visor Proof is designed specifically for plastic - NOT GLASS.  Each pump-action spray bottle provides up to four year's worth of protection, contains no chemical solvents and does not contribute to damaging the ozone layer. Visor Proof was developed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, and is an essential addition to any rider's arsenal. 4.8 oz.

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