Road Trip: Weird Oregon

Road Trip: Weird Oregon

  • $ 4995

This five-day tour provides you with a route that will take you along some of the most highly-touted roads in Western and Central Oregon. And along the way, you’ll also experience the treasures, food, and culture of these great places.

It’s all here – Bobbie the Wonder Dog, bizarre rock art in the desert, the world’s shortest ferry ride, Paul Bunyan’s brother, dinosaurs in the rain forest and more. Enjoy winding your way to each one.

GPS routes and tracks are included on the accompanying USB stick, while the tour book will reveal all you need to know about the route, accommodations, dining and points of interest.

Sound RIDER! Tours exists to deliver great touring experiences to those who want to discover the Pacific Northwest beyond the primary roads. Each tour happens live and then a self-guided tour book is published for others to enjoy as well. Your support either way keeps us going. We thank you.

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