Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas

Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas

  • $ 2495

Of course Colorado encompasses the Rockies, but what about the rest of the Centennial State? Go wind along the Flat Tops Trail, or get seriously off road through Cinnamon Pass and Engineer Pass east of Ouray. It’s a good sign when the DOT gives 4-6 hours of driving time for a 63 mile route, and describes it as demanding but offering unparalleled rewards. On a road like that you’ll need a guide that’s recent, and this atlas was updated within the last 5 years.

Has an online map sent your sport bike down a muddy trail? Does your GPS ask you to turn left into cliff faces? If you want more details in your directions, look no further. Benchmark Maps’ Road and Recreation Atlases are as good as maps get, with scales that folding maps can’t touch. Information is only as useful as it is accurate, and these field-checked maps are updated regularly – every 3-5 years. Whether you’re looking to avoid gravel or go play in the dirt, you’ll appreciate clear delineations between paved, gravel and the more challenging 4WD roads, as well as GPS grids for when you’re well and truly lost… err, “exploring”. In addition to climate information and recreation guides, each atlas features extensive listings of attractions, camping areas and even hunting regions. These atlases don’t just tell you where you are, they help you decide where you want to be. Compared to Delorme, Rand McNally and others… there’s simply no comparison.

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