12V SAE to USB Adapter/Charger

  • $ 1950

While other companies want you to buy multiple expensive and bulky connectors to charge your phone, tablet, kindle, USB enabled intercom units or GPS, we simplify it with this one-of-a-kind 12v to 5v USB connector. Charge any iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Windows or Blackberry phone, Kindle or intercom headset using your existing USB cable. You can also use this device to light up your USB enabled GPS. Simply plug the SAE connector into any standard fused SAE harness coming from your battery such as a typical Battery Tender harness (shown below).

Choose from the following:

Solo 1 amp - Works well with standard size cell phones, GPS, intercom headsets.

Dual 1 amp - Works well with the above mentioned and allows you to power or charge two devices at once.

Dual 1 & 2.1 amp - Includes a 1 amp output for smaller devices as well as a 2.1 amp output for use with larger devices such as large phones, phablets, tablets and readers. To maintain a healthy battery in smaller devices, only use the 1 amp output.

Each unit is assembled by hand in Seattle, WA. Connector length is 10"

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