Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat - FREE SHIPPING!

  • $ 13995

The ultimate in camping comfort, this incredible sleeping mat features two independent high-resolution cell layers for more even body weight distribution and support. Use the fine tune valve to adjust each layer separately for the perfect level of comfort. When out touring, sometimes you
never know what kind of surface you'll be pitching your tent on that night. But, with the Comfort Plus Mat, you'll know you'll always be comfortable.

Sleeping Mat Sizes Small (N/A) Regular Large  Reg Sq
Lg Sq 
Length 66'' 72" 79" 72" 80"
 Width 21.5 21.0" 25" 21.5" 26.0"
 Weight 19.0 oz. 20.5 oz. 24.5 oz. 24.0 oz. 31.0 oz.
 Packed Size 4.5" X 6.5" 4.0" X 6.5" 4.0" X 8.0" 4.0"X6.5" 4.0" x 6.5"

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