Exped Downmats - SAVE 10% & enjoy FREE SHIPPING

Exped Downmats - SAVE 10% & enjoy FREE SHIPPING

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Nest in cold conditions with these warm, down-filled mats: lighter, thicker, and warmer than the competition; Exped Downmats provide the highest degree of insulation available without the bulk or weight. 700-fill, goose down insulation offers the best combination of warmth, light weight and compressibility, good down to well below 0 degrees. A non-toxic Nocar-treatment stops the down from clumping and prevents mold from forming within the baffles. The laminated polyester fabric is resistant to abrasion and UV light, and the surface helps prevent slippage between your sleeping bag and mat. Welded construction stands up to heavy use, while baffled chambers eliminate nagging cold spots that can ruin a night’s sleep. Dual valves allow maximum airflow during deflation. These mats are the lightest, warmest, and most compact available for four-season adventures.

The Sound RIDER! Take

When you want to keep the air below you warm this is how you do it. Packs up half the size of a Thermarest and inflates three times as high!  Use the stuff sack it comes with as a pillow. The perfect motorycle touring sleeping pad! Comes in charcoal/black. Choose between medium (M), long/wide (LW) and ultra-light (UL).

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DownMat  Basic

DownMat Ultra Light

DownMat 7 M

Size: 72x20x2.8“ / 183x52x7 cm

Weight: 31 oz  / 880 g

Packed: 9x6“ / 23x16 cm

Temperature: -11°F  / -24°C

DownMat 7 M

Size: 72x20x2 “ / 183x52x4 cm

Weight: 18.6 oz  / 528 g

Packed: 9x4“ / 23x16 cm

Temperature: -11°F  / -24°C

DownMat 7 LW

Size: 77.5x26x2.8“ / 197x65x7 cm

Weight: 40.6 oz  / 1150 g

Packed: 11x5“ / 27x14 cm

Temperature: -11°F  / -24°C

DownMat 7 LW

Size: 77.5x26x2“ / 197x65x4 cm

Weight: 26.4 oz  / 690 g

Packed: 11x4“ / 27x10 cm

Temperature: -11°F  / -24°C

DownMat 9 M

Size: 72x20x3.5“ / 183x52x9 cm

Weight: 34.9 oz  / 990 g

Packed: 9x6“ / 24x16 cm

Temperature: -36°F  / -38°C


DownMat 9 LW

Size: 197x65x9 cm / 77.5x26x3.5“

Weight: 44.8 oz  / 1270 g

Packed: 11x6“ / 27x16 cm

Temperature: -36°F  / -38°C


DownMat Basic mats come with a built in pump! The air pillow below is a nice addition.

DownMat Ultra Light mats include a Schnozel pump to inflate them! The air pillow below is a nice addition.

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