Howard Leight 33dB Ear Protection (10 pair pak)

Howard Leight 33dB Ear Protection (10 pair pak)

  • $ 450

Hearing protection whenever you ride - make it a must.  After seven minutes wind buffeting can permanantely impair your hearing FOREVER. 1/2 shell 3/4 or full face - it's all the same. Say What!? If you've ever noticed your ears ringing after you get off your bike then that's a sign it's already happening. Don't let it go any further. 

Disposable hearing protection comes in many shapes, sizes and types. For an earplug product you can wear with confidence, choose these Max® uncorded pre-shaped foam ear plug protectors.  With an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 33dB they are the highest rated protection available - hands down.

These are also an excellent choice of hearing protection anytime you're operating motorized machinery.


  • Soft, non-allergenic foam is smooth and soil-resistant for greater comfort and longer plug life


  • Flared end offers quick insertion and removal


  • NRR of 33dB ensures the highest protection available in noisy environments


  • Pre-shaped tapered design follows the contour of the ear canal for easy insertion and a comfortable, natural seal.

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