Outdoor Research Durable Dry Sacks

  • $ 2250

Ride through the wettest mountain passes, tour through pouring coastal storms - but always keep your gear dry! Hydroseal® coated Antron nylon is waterproof and durable. Fully taped seams and a plastic-stiffened roll-top closure provide reliable waterproof performance. An external daisy chain and a webbing bottom handle simplify carrying.  Works great with tents, sleeping bags, air mats and clothing.

Ways to make use of them by sizes:

5 Liters - Large enough to store one garment such as a vest, evaporative cooling vest or a set of base layer underwear.  We've also been known to stuff an ultra-light down sleeping bag into one of these. 

10 Liters - Use this to store your spare clothes for an overnight trip.  You can also fill it with ice and chill down your favorite beverages.  

15 Liters - Store a medium size synthetic sleeping bag, or all your synthetic clothes for a multi day trip.  You can also fill it with water, squirt in some liquid soap and do your laundry on the fly without having to find a landro-mat. 

25 Liters - If there is cottom in your bag, store all your cotton garments in this one for a multi day trip. 

35 Liters - Store a large bulky sleeping bag in this bag. 

Here's a tip.  If using multiple bags, consider buying different colors instead of all the same color.  It makes it easier to identify which bag is your tent, sleeping bag or extra clothing.

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