Road Trip: Vancouver Island

Road Trip: Vancouver Island

  • $ 4995

Vancouver Island. From a glance, it doesn’t look like much of a draw for a motorcyclist. Ahhh, but once you dig down, you’ll discover the riches of this wonderful place. The roads, the food, the scenery and all the things that make this grand island such a unique destination.

This five-day tour is designed to provide you with a route that will take you along some of the best roads on the island, away from the major arterials. And along the way we’ll help you find the best food, views and oddities.

Sound RIDER! Tours exists as a way to deliver enhanced riding experiences to those who want to discover the Northwest beyond the primary roads. Each tour is ridden in real-time, then a self-guided tour book is published for others to enjoy as well.

Have a great ride!

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