Vapor Solar Tube

  • $ 1098

The Vapor Solar Tube does everything a rider needs when it comes to protecting you and your neck. Let’s count the ways.

  • Keeps dirt and bugs off your neck
  • Helps maintain body heat when worn between your neck and jacket collar
  • Protects your neck from U.V. rays
  • Keeps dirt and incoming bugs off your face when worn above the neck.
  • Can be used as a neckerchief, headscarf, beanie, do rag hairband or scrunchy

If you’ve ever worn a black neck gaiter, you may wonder how soon it gets dirty. With the Vapor Gaiter, there’s no hiding the dirt and grim it will accumulate, letting you know when it’s time to clean it up. And, it’s easy to clean using soap and water at the next overnight or fuel stop.

Available solo, or in two paks. Get one for yourself and present one to a friend.

Fabric: 100% Microfiber w/ UPF 50+
Care: Machine or hand wash
Colors: White

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