Ceramic Winter Motorcycling SOKz (over the calf)

  • $ 2500

The perfect socks for cold weather. Made with ceramic fiber (20%), these socks offer the highest level of insulation from the cold. The other main fiber is Lenpur®, which is a derivative from wood, which offers superior transfer of humidity.

  • Like all the other Sokz, it is perfectly anatomic with a left and right sock.
  • The comfort is incredible from the soft feel of the fibers, with padding around the toes and the heel, and along the front of the sock.
  • Built-in arch support for less fatigue.
  • Elastic around the top and around the ankle for staying in place.
  • Channels along the back of the sock for air circulation.
  • Flat seams across the toe with no hard “corners.”
  • Available in tall only (over the calf).
  • Fun black/grey/orange color scheme.

Sound RIDER! Cleaning Tips:  When cleaning synthetics use a minimum of laundry products.  Their additives can clog fabric, inhibiting the wicking power of the fiber.  Never use scented detergents or bleach and never-never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners.  For the best results use a product designed specifically for cleaning synthetic base layers like Nikwax' BaseWash. Always wash your synthetics seperate from cotton garments.  This will keep cotton fibers out of the fabric and drastically reduce drying time by 50% or more. 

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