GarageMate MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths

  • $ 1099

GarageMate Microfiber cleaning cloths are the ideal high quality solution for cleaning your motorcycle, car, SUV, truck, boat or RV and just about anything in your house, and anything that you take with you on the road.

WHY THEY’RE UNIQUE: What sets these microfiber cloths apart is each strand is split to 1/100 the diameter of a human hair, allowing them to absorb up to 7 times their weight. This also makes them non-abrasive. At 170,000 fibers per inch, they are soft enough to clean hand oil off your cell phone, tablet, laptop or otherwise without the use of any liquids.

VEHICLE CLEANING AND DRYING: You want to wash your motorcycle or car? All you’ll need is one cloth for everything. Use it to apply your wash water and scrub off dirt as you go. Then rinse your vehicle and the cloth clean, wring out the cloth and use it to dry the vehicle, wringing it out as you go.

ON THE ROAD: Because the fibers are non-abrasive, you can use them to clean your glasses, face shield and any other lenses without scratching them. For tough jobs we recommend using a squirt of Novus 1 Plastic Polish or a Cycle Wipe to loosen the grime, then simply buff with the GarageMate.

Carry one or two on the bike or your person at all times. One cloth works all day in tandem with water or Novus 1 to keep your face shield clean. Wet one corner to clean and use a dry corner to buff dry. At night, simply hand wash it, wring it out, let it air dry overnight and it’s ready for the next day.

AT HOME: At home they’re great for dusting, cleaning up spills, removing hand oil from touch screens, tiding up an entire laptop or keyboard, clearing dust and hair off TV screens, keeping your GPS and camera hand oil free and just about anything else you can think of.

CARE: When it’s time to clean the GarageMate, simply toss it in the washer with any other synthetic fabrics (not cotton) and wash with a non-detergent cleaner like Nikwax BaseWash or Woolite. Remove from the washer and air dry to insure you don’t fry those soft ends with a heated dryer, allowing your cloths last a very long time.

  • Each cloth is 12” x 16”

  • Absorbs 7 times their weight in liquid

  • 170,000 fibers per inch

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Works on any surface with or without chemicals, leaving no streaks or lint behind

  • Cloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times

  • Available in black, red and charcoal

  • 12 pak Combo ships with 6 black, 3 red and 3 charcoal cloths

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