Novus 1 Plastic Clean & Shine

Novus 1 Plastic Clean & Shine

  • $ 250

The ultimate cleaner for your eyewear, face shield, or windscreen, this special liquid allows your cleaning cloth to glide across the surface it’s cleaning keeping the dirt that’s being removed from scratching the surface.  Carry the two-ounce with you when you ride, keep a bottle of the eight-ounce at home to use before your ride and to refill your two-ounce.

Gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static.

  • Resists finger marking
  • Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals
  • Leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine


  1. If the surface is extremely dirty, apply NOVUS No. 1 liberally and wipe using long, sweeping strokes. Do not use pressure at this time or large dirt particles may scratch the plastic.
  2. Re-apply NOVUS No. 1. Polish using short, circular strokes with a clean portion of the cloth.
  3. When surface is thoroughly clean and uniformly covered, buff to a slippery glaze with a clean portion of the cloth. Surfaces buffed to a high glaze are more resistant to dust and future scratching.
  4. Reapply NOVUS No. 1 regularly to maintain the antistatic, smudge and scratch resistant properties.

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