10 pc. Locksmith Key Removal Tool Kit

  • $ 995

Carrying a spare key in the pocket of your riding jacket isn't insurance enough you'll be able to ride away after breaking a key in the ignition or luggage lock. You still need to get the key out. To do that you'll often need the tools locksmiths have to accomplish the task and now you can get them here.

Includes 4 varied barbed extractor wires and 6 varied hook tools so you're certain to have the right tool for whatever broke. Sealed in a zip loc bag, they're small enough to store compactly and easily into your fix-it-arsenal so they're ready when needed, or carry them in a jacket pocket so they don't get locked in somewhere on your bike.

With this kit and a spare key, you'll save hundreds in locksmith and towing charges. If you've been there before - you know all about it.

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