Key E-Z: 3-Way Key Ring & Clip Kit

  • $ 1200

Placing a key with a bunch of other keys attached into your motorcycle of other vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Excess weight nagging on your ignition can cause the tumblers to wear and fail. But we’ve got the solution to this problem.

Our 3-Way Key Ring and Clip Kit allows you to keep all your keys together until it’s time to ride. Simple detach the bike key from the ring set and place the rest of your keys back into your pocket or purse. No more wear and tear.

You know what a hassle it is to have to try and pull your bike key out of your pocket after you’ve mounted the bike. Simply affix the included s-biner to the d-ring on your jacket. When you get off the bike you can store the bike key there so it’s easily accessed when you get back on again.

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