ANDIAMO! Womens Padded Briefs

ANDIAMO! Womens Padded Briefs

  • $ 1762
  • Save $ 588

Looking for a padded crotch in a brief style, rather than the leg length of a skin? Look no further, the Andiamo! Padded brief offers all the same comfort and features as its Padded Skin counter part. Sweaty underwear is a thing of the past when you put on an Andiamo! Padded Brief. The Hydrotech-coated polyester fabric transports moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier and cleaner! The chafe free padded liner provides additional comfort and support, and all seams are flat stitched for additional comfort. You’ll never wear cotton underwear on a ride again.

Sound RIDER! Cleaning Tips:  When cleaning synthetics use a minimum of laundry products.  Thier additives can clog fabric, inhibiting the wicking power of the fiber.  Never use scented detergents or bleach and never-never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners.  For the best results use a product designed specifically for cleaning synthetic base layers like Nikwax' BaseWash. Always wash your synthetics seperate from cotton garments.  This will keep cotton fibers out of the fabric and drastically reduce drying time by 50% or more. 

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