Nikwax Leather Kit – A Sound RIDER Exclusive – SAVE 10%

Nikwax Leather Kit – A Sound RIDER Exclusive – SAVE 10%

  • $ 4230
  • Save $ 470

We know what riders need to get their gear shedding water again, so we’ve put together our own kit to make it all happen. Everything you need to clean and shed water on all your leather riding gear gear, luggage, boots and gloves.

Directions: Apply Glove Proof to your leather or textile gloves. Apply the Conditioner for Leather to your leather motorcycling boots. Rub the excess into the fabric and/or leather and allow to dry. Both utilize an easy-to-use sponge applicator.

In the meantime, spray Leather Cleaner Spray on the outside of your jacket to clean and moisten the leather (wherever water goes – that’s where Nikwax goes) and then wipe access away with a clean cloth. With the leather still lightly moist, spray Leather Conditioner generously across your leather jacket or pants and rub it in with your hands. Allow some time for it to completely be absorbed into the leather.

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