Outdoor Research Ultralight Compression Sacks

Outdoor Research Ultralight Compression Sacks

  • $ 2850

These lightweight compression sacks reduce sleeping bags, tents, clothing and other stuffables to a size that will actually fit on your motorcycle. Four compression straps let you compress your gear, giving you room for all those extra items you want to bring on your next ride. The rip-stop silnyl (silicon/nylon) fabric is durable, resists moisture and slides in and out of saddle or tail bags with ease. A pocket in the end cap keeps track of small items such as lip balm, spare keys, pocket tools, and otherwise. Keep your gear organized on your next ride with these handy compression bags, and you’ll think it’s a miracle how much extra room you discover! Available in sizes 8 liters to 35 liters - grey/cayenne color only.

Suggested uses:

  • 8L - One days extra under garments and cargo pants or jacket and pants liners
  • 12L - Several days changes of under garments and cargo pants, rain gear or small sleeping bag
  • 15L - Large sleeping bag or small tent and ground cloth
  • 25L - Large tent and ground cloth
  • 35L - The kitchen sink!

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