Sasquatch Dual Sport Adventure Tour: Washington Cascades - South to North

Sasquatch Dual Sport Adventure Tour: Washington Cascades - South to North

  • $ 4995

In August of 2009, 54 riders rode from Hood River Oregon to the Canadian Border in search of the elusive Sasquatch. Along the way they were treated to stunning scenery including alpine lakes, glacial scours and volcanic peaks; hundreds of miles of dirt and gravel roads and plenty of good times.

Say what? You missed it! We have a limited supply of tour books and GPS routes available which means you can scoop up a set and enjoy the entire route regardless. Grab a few friends, grab a few vacation days and go enjoy this awesome ride through the Cascade range.

Inside the book you'll find listings for accommodations, fuel and tasty food stops for each day (plentiful fuel stops, even you DRZ 400 owners can relax). You'll also get 8 maps, two for each day; turn-by-turn directions in case your GPS gives you any trouble (and that never happens), and plenty of paragraphs of ride notes about each segment of the route.

The CD-ROM includes all the GPS routes in MapSource format (convertible to other formats at as well as links to all the suggested hotels and food stops.

We'll even slip in the official fun run card. Pack a pair of dice to roll at each location with friends and you've got all the makings for a fun ride.

The official ride may be history, but for a limited time you can own this ride and re-trace the steps that others enjoyed so well. Will you see a Sasquatch? While we can't guarantee it, there's no better way to search for one - that much we know.

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