SR! Quik Connect (Pack of 6)

  • $ 500

Our all new SR! Quik Connect is one of the strongest, most durable luggage connectors out there. Lightweight but virtually impossible to break, the Quik Connect is made from extra strength nylon and is great for replacing the cheap plastic or metal hooks that come with standard bungees and nets. Won't scratch up your paint or mar your bike in any way. And because they have an enclosed end, you won't lose them like the cheap plastic one's. That's nice.

  • Snap-shut enclosed end makes them impossible to lose. Won't fall off and disappear.
  • Lightweight, durable nylon won't break like plastic.
  • Non metallic. Won't scratch your paint.
  • Sold in packs of 6.

Replace the hooks on your existing bungee net now, or get one of our Powertye nets upgraded with a pack of 6 SR! Quik Connects.

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