Ultra Sil Day Pack

Ultra Sil Day Pack

  • $ 3300

Ran out of space in your tank bag and now there's nowhere to toss your jacket liner? Wanna pack a lunch, but don't want to chance it getting mashed in your saddle bag? Need a place to store a special knick-knack you picked up along the way, but you don't have any room. No problem - simply pull the Ultrasil Day Pack right from your jacket pocket, slip it out of it's tiny case and you've got 20 liters of storage you otherwise wouldn't.

We were quizical at first, but now that we've used it we carry it with us everywhere we go - even when we're not riding! It's also perfect for packing home groceries, slipping a jacket away during a walk or hike, or simply ditching items you don't want to hand carry. It's ultra-tough built using Siliconized Cordura for strength and durability.

YOU'LL LOVE IT - GUARANTEED!! Don't just take our word for it. Buy one and if you're not happy, we'll gladly refund the purchase price. Colors are subject to availability. Other colors may be substituted.

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